ABSA CashSend


Want to send money to friends and families that don’t have ABSA banking account? ABSA CashSend is what you have been looking for then, this facility allows to transfer money anywhere in South Africa. ABSA developed this facility to make it easy for their customers to conveniently and securely send money without having the recipient opening an account with the institution.

Why choose ABSA CashSend?

ABSA CashSend is an easy to use facility that allows its customers to send money to friends and family members who doesn’t have a bank account. This facility has become the fastest and convenient way of sending and receiving money at just basic service fee charge. You can withdraw cash from any of the ABSA ATMs using the reference number and access code sent to their cellphone number in the form of SMS. The recipient don’t need to have a banking card to withdraw money at the ATM. You can use any of the ABSA mobile and internet banking service to transfer money from either savings or cheque account.

The facility is very unique and comes with various benefit you can enjoy. You will have the ability to send money anywhere in the country. Your recipient or receiver of the money will be able to collect cash immediately. The transfer is completely safe, ABSA ensure this by accompanying the reference number with a unique six (6) number access code that goes to just one recipient cellphone number.

How does ABSA CashSend work?

The facility allows individuals to send money to people without ABSA banking account. The recipient must have a working and registered South African cellphone number which to receive the reference and access code. When an SMS notification has been sent to the receiver of the money, they can visit any of the ABSA to collect the cash. Simply select ‘CashSend’ followed by ‘CashSend Withdrawal’ on the screen of the ATM. Enter your ten (10) digit reference number as well as the six-digit access code. When you have been successfully authenticated, choose the amount you want to withdraw, only the full amount can be withdrawn. Take the cash and enjoy.

ABSA Contact details

For more information, please call ABSA on 0860 111 123 and one of their trained consultants will assist you. You can always visit any of the ABSA local branches near you for further assistant. Alternatively log on to their website at www.absa.co.za to read more.

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