Absa Study Loan


Absa Study Loan – Do you find choosing for the credible and reliable student loan provider? Absa Study Loan is worth considering when they will give you a guaranteed price and best interest fees for your study fees. You don’t want to stress about finance while having a bright future ahead of you, simply focus on your studies and make great value of your life. Qualified students will have their loan amount paid directly into the institution account for tuition fees, study materials such as books. As for accommodations, the amount will be deposited into the place account upon providing accurate proof.

Absa is a member of Barclays Africa group with vast experience in the financial services and credit providing to individuals and families going through difficulties. Absa is committed to helping potential students get access to higher education to brighten their future and change lives of their families.

What do I need to apply for Absa Study Loan?

To apply for the Absa study loan, you must first of all provide proof of that you have qualified to study at a tertiary institution. Must provide a statement of the outstanding course fees from the institution. If you are working as a student, you will need to be earning a minimum of R3 000 a month, if not working, you need to have a sponsor or surety that is earning a minimum amount of R3 000 as well. A proof of income is required from the person undertaking the loan. Applications are approved based on affordability and credit score profile.

How to apply for Absa Study Loan?

Absa offers you various options in order to make applying for study loans as quick and easy as possible. You may apply through Absa branch, or Student Bureau or over the phone.

Applying at a branch – you need to visit your nearest Absa branch with all the necessary supporting documents such as proof of income from the person undertaking the loan, proof of study registration and a statement of outstanding fees.

Applying at an Student Bureau – you may visit any of the educational institution’s student bureau in your campus to apply for the Absa study loan with supporting documents on you. A proof of income in the form of payslip, proof of registration and well as statement for course cost from the tertiary institution.

Applying over the phone – You need to contact the Absa professional consultant by calling 0860 100 372 in order to make your application. You will need to confirm that you understand all the terms and conditions that will be explained to you on the phone as well as verbal signatory.

Absa Study Loan Contact Details

Absa Study Loan can be contacted by calling 0860 100 372 to speak to one of their consultant to find out how you can apply for the loan. You may visit one of the Absa branches near you or simply visit their website to get detailed information on how you can apply as well as using their online platform to apply.



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