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BFS Loans – Barko Financial Services (BFS) is a leading micro-finance institution among the many in South Africa, and have a massive dedication in helping ordinary citizens with financial needs. Since it’s establishment in 1996, BFS has more than 80 branches all over South African and have been lending responsible individuals and families with short term loans.

Why whoose Barko Financial Services?

Barko has grown rapidly in the past years through innovative systems in the financial management sectors. Barko is committed to lending money to responsible customers nationwide. They have loans for people with low income looking for micro loans to get through the month or days of financial distress. You can use the money for anything you choose, can be paying your school fees, handling medical bills, renovating your home, etc.

What do I need to apply for BFS Loans?

To apply for BFS Loans, you need to confirm that you are above the age of 18 years old with a valid South African green bar-coded ID or SmartID. Must provide proof of residential address. Loans are limited to clients or borrowers permanently employed or earning regular income for at least six months. Must have a personal banking account in your name, which your salary or income is paid each month. Must provide banking statement not older than three months.

BFS Loans Contact Details

Get more detailed information on how the Barko Financial Services personal loans work by calling their consultant today on telephone (013) 235 1030 or use their toll-free line at 080 777 3777. You may also send them an inquiry via email at Alternatively visit their website to read more about the company and all their other products and services at

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