Bidvest Vehicle Finance


Bidvest Vehicle Finance – Bidvest bank offers professional and reliable motor car finance with a flexible repayment terms and best available rate. Bidvest is committed to helping you find the most secured and credible dealer of your dream car.

Why choose Bidvest Vehicle Finance

If you’re looking to secure you dream and or next vehicle, you might want to consider applying for Bidvest Vehicle Finance which gives tailored benefits. If you have an existing car and would like to sell it, Bidvest will assist you to auction your current vehicle through the whole auction process. You will also get a simple, tax-effective finance options with all the extras. You will get vehicle at the best price and road assistance.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Options

Bidvest understands that every person come across different situations as such they offer different options to suit each individual needs. Professionals in South Africa who qualify to receive travelling allowance may choose from the following flexible vehicle finance options:

Installment Sale Agreement
This option allows you to finance your vehicle over the period of up to 72 months. Your monthly repayments can also be reduced by structuring in a balloon payment. This option is also best suited for people who wants ownership of their vehicle.

Finance Lease Agreement
THis option is best suited for people who are paying a deposit as part of their payment plan. It allows you to finance the vehicle over a period of up to 72 months.

Operating Rental
This option allows you to to lease the vehicle over a period up to 60 months. It suits people who don’t want to own their vehicle but continue using the car under the terms of rental.

Bidvest Vehicle Finance Contact Details

If you would like to apply for Bidvest Vehicle Finance, applications can be done online and telephonically which you will need to confirm your verbal signature. You may also visit Bidvest branches nationwide or simply call them on 0860 111 177.

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