Capital Pawn Instant Loans


Capital Pawn is a registered South African corporation that’s been in business since it’s establishment in 2008. Their business is mainly based in Johannesburg. The specialise in buying, selling and pawning products. They also offer instant cash loans against your goods or assets.

With Capital Pawn, getting instant cash is very easy. You just need to pawn products in order to qualify for the loan. You can pawn your car or Truck, Electronics & Appliances, Boats & Yachts , Gold & Diamonds, jewellery & Watches, Heavy Machinery Equipment, Fine Art, & much more.

What can you pawn for Capital Pawn instant loans?

  • Cars and Trucks – Capital Pawn will allow you to pawn your motor vehicle against the loan amount you’d like to borrow. The amount will depend on the product you want to pawn. The value of your asset will be evaluated based on the current market of the product.
  • Golds and Diamonds – Capital Pawn pays out high amount for gold, diamonds and silvers. Whether it is a gold watch or any kind of product, you will get instant loan that best suits you and the product you have.
  • Leisure – You can pawn any products from boats, jetskis, motorbikes, quad bikes, caravans, and recreational vehicles.
  • Electronics – Capital Pawn buy, sell and pawn all electronic appliances, from flat screen tvs, fridges, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. You will be able to apply for instant loans valued at the type of electronic you submit.

How does it work?

Capital Pawn made as easy as possible for people to apply for personal loans in exchange for products they don’t want anymore. Applications can be done with the following three simple steps:

  1. You need to fill out the Capital Pawn online form and one of their consultant will call you back as soon as possible.
  2. You will get an offer from Capital Pawn, if you accept, you will then be asked to come present your product at their secure facility for physical inspection and complete necessary papers.
  3. If your application is approved, you will get instant cash paid straight into your account. When the loan amount is fully paid back, your asset will then be returned to you.

Capital Pawn Contact Information

Contact Capital Pawn on +27 11 440 7881 in Bramely and +27 011 837 1951 in Brixton to speak to their trained professionals to assist you with any information regarding the instant loan. Also get more detailed information on how to use the Capital Pawn credit facility by visiting their website at

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