Carfin Vehicle Finance


Carfin Vehicle Finance – SA’s #1 independent car and vehicle finance solution for anyone looking to buy a brand new dream car or refinancing their existing personal car debts. Carfin is one of the leaders in the vehicle financing in South Africa that provide reliable finances to individuals going through financial hassles. Carfin offer comprehensive and best rates on car, bikes, caravans and refinancing which on average approves R30 million of funding per month.

Why Carfin Vehicle Finance Solutions?

Carfin provide the best financial options for motor vehicle seekers and sellers around South Africa. They offer two types of car and vehicle finance solutions:

Vehicle Finance – this option allows clients to drive the vehicle in their possession without having paid the full price of the purchase. Carfin will be serving as the facilitator during the purchase working diligently with their partnered banks to get you the best deal and handle all the paper work for you.

Vehicle Refinancing – this option is best suitable for car owners, people who’ve already paid back a reasonable amount to the original car finance and would like to decrease their monthly expenses. This option is good for consolidating debts by proving instant cash value from vehicle financing.

What’s needed before applying for Carfin Vehicle Finance?

The vehicle you would like to buy or sell should be less than ten years old. You personally have to confirm that you are above the age of 18 years old with a valid SA ID book. Must be permanently employed earning more than R6 500 a month. Must have a clear credit profile or ITC record. Most importantly, you must have your valid drivers license in possession.

Get in touch with Carfin Vehicle Finance

If you would to know more information on how Carfin can help you with financing your next car, please contact 0861 227 346 (0861 CARFIN) / 012 804 1489 or send them an email at Many people prefer visiting the Carfin website to learn more about the company and making applications or inquiries.


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