Cash Crusaders Cash Loans


Cash Crusaders Cash Loans – Need a quick cash loan in a hurry? No credit checks or bank statements, Cash Crusaders offers personal loans against your assets or cash. Simply pawn those products you no longer needs and Cash Crusaders will pay you out in cash. It so happens in life that we go through financial difficulties and need an alternative to our problems.

You can get instant loans up to R8 000 in cash. Cash Crusaders pays out huge money for good quality goods such as Televisions, Jewellery, Cellphones, Computers, DJ equipment, appliances.

How to apply for Cash Crusaders Cash Loans

  1. Select Your Desired Loan amount – use the Cash Crusaders online slide to determine the amount you would like to borrow.
  2. Choose Your Location – Select your province and area so that Cash Crusaders would be able to refer you to your nearest local store.
  3. Select Product Category – Choose a category for the product which you are taking the loan against.
    Product Information – Provide accurate information about the product you’d like to pawn with at least three clear images.
  4. Product Test – An easy multiple choice test that provide more information about the product.
    Summary & Confirmation – A summary of your loan application along with the terms and conditions attached.
  5. Personal Details – You need to complete a personal details form with accurate and valid information about yourself.
  6. Submit Application – When happy about the information, simply submit the application and create your account with Pawn Express.

What do I need to apply for Cash Crusaders Cash Loans?

  • Must be 21 years and older
  • A good product to pawn
  • Must have banking account in your name

Cash Crusaders Contact Information

Visit any of their local store branches to get more detailed information about how their loans works. Please visit to apply for secured quick cash loans. Read more about Cash Crusaders by visiting their website at

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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