Discovery Credit Card


Looking for affordable and convenient credit card that offers great benefits and features, Discovery Credit Card is worth considering since they’ll help your money go further. You will get better and easy guide from Discovery professionals on how to use your credit card and enjoy all the benefits.

Why should I take the Discovery Credit Card?

Discovery have a vast experience in providing solutions to people in need financial assistant. The Discovery Credit Card give much more advantages such as the following:

  1. Cash back for shopping – If you use the credit card to buy your favourite products at selected stores in South Africa, you will get up 20% cash back in your Discovery Card. There are no limitations as to what you can buy, you can purchase anything you afford.
  2. Rewards for traveling – Use your Discovery Card for holidays with World Leisure Holidays, Royal Caribbean International or Contiki and get up to 20% cash back.
  3. Discovery Miles for even more rewards – You can activate the Discovery Miles benefit anytime on your credit card. As soon as the feature is activated, when you use your card, you will earn Miles to shop or travel.
  4. Paying for medical expenses – You can use this card to pay for medical bills. As we understand that the private practices in South Africa can be very pricey, getting help from Discovery Card can aid in lowering the pressure you might be going through.
  5. Big Concerts premium live events – Discovery is an official card partner to Big Concerts, which allows card holders to enjoy great deals and offers at South Africa’s selected events.

Discovery Contact Details

Learn more about the Discovery card and how you can benefit from taking the card by calling their trained professional consultants on 0860 11 22 73 / 0860 000 628 or send them an inquiry via email at You can also log on to the Discovery website at and read more.

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