Evo Bridging Finance


Evo is a subsidiary of the ooba group and has established business partnerships with new and existing bond aggregators, facilitating their access to banking relationships and systems. The offer wide range of services such as home loan origination, legal assistance and bridging finance for your home loan application.

Why choose Evo Bridging Finance?

Evo in partnership with a national bridging finance company Rodel Financial Services provide bridging deals to customers looking to transfer ownership and register new bond. Often times clients want to access funds before a sale took place, Evo with it’s partner is able to provide you with bridging finance. These type of financing is very important to property owners as well as buyers.

Basically you will borrow money against your property. For example if you own a property and selling it for a certain value, you can access 80% of the money before the sale has happened with Evo bridging finance. Most of the time, these finances are quick or short term loans.

If you choose to work with Evo, you will certainly enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sellers: advancing of proceeds
  • Buyers: advancing of costs
  • Owners: pending registration of their bond
  • Estate agents: advancing commissions earned
  • Where there is equity in a property and the owner has concluded a valid sale agreement;
  • When the owner has obtained approval for a new or additional bond to be registered over the property.
  • To pay transfer duty on a new property
  • To cover the cost of outstanding rates/taxes/levies on the property being sold
  • As a deposit on a new property
  • For repayment of personal debt
  • To provide working capital funding for businesses
  • To pay transfer duty on a new property

Evo Contact Details

To find out more information about Evo services, please call them directly on +27 21 481 6189 or send them an inquiry via email at careen.mckinon@ooba.co.za which they will call you back. You can also visit their website on www.evogroup.co.za to read more.

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