Express Finance Payday Loans


South Africa’s credit provider, Express Finance provide access to personal loans when you need it the most. Express Finance Payday Loans are best suited for individuals looking for short-term loans which they can pay back in a period of up to a month. Apply for cash loans up to R3 000. You can apply for more as soon as Express Finance starts understanding you as a regular customer.

Why take out Express Finance Payday Loans?

Express Finance offer a wide range of financial products and solutions such as payday loans, short-term loans, consolidation loans, personal loan. Qualified applications will get a loan amount up to R3 000 within a very short repayment terms of up to just one month. You will only pay back the loan in your next salary day. Interest rates and fees are calculated based on the act of the National Credit Regulator in South Africa.

Application process for these loans is very easy and fast. Simply head on to their website to use the loan calculator available to help customers know exactly how much they will be paying back before making the application. Otherwise call them directly on (031) 465 2839 to find out more options on how you can apply. However you will get pre-approved when using the online application form and instant decision about your application.

You can use the loan money however you wish, Express Finance will never put any kind of restriction with regards to spending the given amount. You can buy a month’s grocery, pay education fees, handle medical expenses, etc.

What’s needed when applying?

To qualify for Express Finance Payday Loans, applicants need to be South African citizens with a valid green bar-coded ID, Smart ID or Driver’s license. You must also provide proof of residential address in the form of banking statement, post-cards, etc. You have to be permanently employed or earning a regular income every month. Have to be earning a minimum of R2 500 per month. Must be able to produce recent banking statements and payslips. You also need to have basic knowledge of using computers and internet because Express Finance applications are done online.

Express Finance Contact Details

Get in touch with Express Finance to find out more detailed information by calling (031) 465 2839 or simply sending them an email at Alternatively read more about payday loans by visiting their website on

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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