FNB Student Loans


FNB Student Loans –  Are you a potential student and seems to be struggling with your study finances, FNB is a financial institution that helps students with potential to reach their dreams by supporting with finance. The FNB Student Loans supports all kind of students, whether you are a first year student or simply furthering your studies, FNB helps you reduce a lot of stuff in your mind and focus on school work.

What you get with FNB Student Loans

Student loans from FNB comes packaged with benefits that will make you smile and fulfill your dreams. As a student, you will get personalized interest rate and get access to loans from as little as R4 000 to R80 000 which you will be paying only the interest while studying and settle the rest after graduations. The student loan covers tuition fees, study books and campus accommodations.

FNB Student Loans Insurance

You are eligible to the FNB Student Loan Insurance as it is compulsory which will ensure you’re covered in the case of permanent disability or even death. Alternatively you may need a suitable replacement policy from FNB which allows you to use your own insurance.

FNB Student Loans Qualifying Criteria

If you wish to apply for FNB Student Loans, you must firstly confirm that you are above the age of 18 years with a valid South African ID, have a next of keen or your principal debtor who earns a minimum of R6 000 monthly with full details of their employment information.

FNB Student Loans Contact Details

For any information about on how to apply for student loans, please call FNB at 0861 40 40 40. Alternatively visit the FNB website.

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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