Investec Motor Vehicle Finance


Investec Motor Vehicle Finance are finance solutions with the aim of helping individuals and families secure their next dream vehicle at the best and comprehensive rates in the market. If you’re done with your search and decided the vehicle that is right for your needs, can be a brand new luxury car for private use and trucks for your business, Investec can help and guide you through the process of financing that vehicle at the best rates and terms.

Investec Motor Vehicle Finance Offerings and Options

Motor vehicle financing by Investec comes in several options and benefits such as you will allowed to finance your dream car either with installment sales including negotiable residual options. Credit is tailored and structured for payment to maximize tax and cash flow. Investec also offer you the flexible deposit and withdrawal of funds to help reduce repayments and save interest. You will be able to manage your finance anytime anywhere with their online facility. You will get up to 200,000 Investec Rewards points if you source your motor vehicle through McCarthy.

Investec Contact Details

If you want to get more detailed information on how Investec can help you finance your next dream car, please call the Johannesburg office at +27 11 286 7000. You can always visit their website at to read more details about the company and their products and services.

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