Izwe Consolidation Loans


Find yourself in a position having difficulties repaying all your small loans? Izwe Consolidation Loans is designed for people like you with the aim of removing that burden from your shoulders. The loan gives the benefit of having one central loan that is more reliable and affordable at competitive interest rates. Combine all your loans into one Izwe loan and begin enjoying all the benefits that comes with their product.

Why choose Izwe Consolidation Loans?

Izwe loans offers various type of financial solutions and products to help South African access funds when they need it the most. Izwe Consolidation Loans allows individuals combine all their existing debts into one loan that easy manageable and convenient for them. These type of loan is very helpful because it gives you as a borrower the security of a fixed-rate loan. You are likely to pay low monthly payments at the affordable interest rate. You can apply for debt consolidation loans of amount up to R50 000 within a flexible repayment terms of up to forty-two (42) months.

Applying for Izwe Consolidation Loans is easy, simply visit their website and use the online application form in terms of sliders on the home page. Choose the amount you need and the calculator will determine which term is best suited for the application. When you’re done and have made a decision, just click the ‘get a loan’ button to fill up your personal details for the application.

Who can apply for Izwe Consolidation Loans?

  • Provide proof of residential address
  • Must have banking account in your name
  • Must be permanently employed or earning a regular income per month
  • Latest banking statements and pay slip

Izwe Loans Contact Details

Find out more detailed information on how you can start benefiting from Izwe Consolidation Loans by calling on +27 (010) 206 7400 or simply sending them an email at info@izwe.co.za and they will contact you back very shortly. You can also log on to their website on www.izweloans.com to read more.

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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