Make extra money with these great ideas


Have you been working so hard in your day job but yet still go for payday loans in order to cover up your monthly expenses? It is now time to look at other options that can help you with the second source of income. Warren Buffet once said a human being or individual cannot survive with just one single salary.

Make money online with blogs

Blogging has now become popular in South Africa, people have seen the opportunity to sell free content online in exchange for advertising. It first started as a hobby and has now become a full-time job for others, pays even more if you’re patient with it. If your site is getting more views each day, new users to be specific, you can easily sell advertising spaces on your sites. The more traffic you have on your blog, the more interested the advertisers you will have on your site and the more money you will make.

Make money with just your hands

Look deep inside of you and check if there isn’t a creative side of you. Try creating hand crafted products you can take to the market out there. People always appreciate hand crafted products, make some jewelleries, phone pouches, anything you think it’s worth the value to the consumer.

Maybe you’re a fan for clothing and understand fashion more than you think. Go out to look for those unique clothes, buy them in bulk and sell them to people for profit. Every mall in South Africa has an exhibition space, if you’re in Johannesburg, you may also visit the Rosebank Sunday Market, buy a small space for the day and make money.

Make extra money on the road

If you have a vehicle that is in good condition, you will be happy to know that it can make you more money. Firstly you can simply just signup with Uber, take your vehicle for evaluation and start transporting people around the city over the weekends. Uber has become the most used application in South Africa and keeps on growing it’s business and clientele.

You may also rent your car with a trusted and credible dealer. If you day job is reachable with taxis, use them and let your vehicle pay yourself, it can generate you enough extra income to your salary.

There are so many ways one can make extra money in the world if they’re not ready to leave their day jobs, just dig deep and pay attention to any opportunity that passes by, anyone can do this.

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