Metrofin Loans


Metrofin Loans – We all have times when we have to cover unexpected expenses but without the necessary cash available to us. Metrofin loans can help you make ends meet you need to cover expenses such as medical billls, school fees, car repairs, and other day to day expenses. Metrofin is a registered credit provider with several branches nationwide and this can give you peace of mind when you apply for a loan knowing that you are dealing with a big organization.

Why choose Metrofin Loans?

At Metrofin they uphold the dignity of each and every customer when you engage with them.They have also simplified their business processes to ensure you understand them and you get comfort when applying for a loan.Last but not least throughout your engagement with metrofin they will maintain professionalism.For years they have assisted many South African during their time of need they are waiting to do the same for you.

Requirements To Apply For Metrofin Loans

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. Valid ID book
  3. Proof of residence
  4. 3 months bank statements

Metrofin Loans Contact Details:

For more information you can visit their website on or call 012 347 8153.Or fax to the number 012 347 5829 or send email to and one of the consultants will get back to you.

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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