Mr Cash Loans


Mr Cash Loans – Do you have difficulties getting your loan approved? Mr Cash loan is here for you. They offer loans for people with bad credit record. It’s a registered financial services and credit provider that is in compliance with the National Credit Provider. We all understand that time is money in this world but choosing the right lender has always been difficult, but Mr Cash loans have become the most trusted credit provider in South Africa.

Why choose Mr Cash Loans

Mr Cash Loan offers loan for people with bad credit. Bad credit can be either if you have been active in terms of credit but due to circumstances like losing a job and not being able to pay for your credit or you have never had credit so you have no credit record. It offers loans of up to R60 000 depending on your affordability. There are no hidden costs from their services and loans, they are transparent with their interests so you know the amount you owe before you sign the agreement. You will receive your money within 24 to 48 hours upon approval.

What is needed when applying for Mr Cash Loans?

Applying for Mr Cash loans is quick and easy. Mr Cash Loan has an online application which makes the whole loan process easy. You need to be 21 years old and under the age of 60. You must be a South African citizen. You need to have the following documents with you to start the process: a clear green-coded ID book, a valid South African bank account where you receive salary into bank statement not older than 3 months. Be earning a salary of least R5 000 every month. You must be permanently employed for six months with the same company.

Mr Cash Loans contact details

Find out more information on how to apply for quick cash loans by simply calling 086 722 7109/ (011) 869 3001 or visit their website on or email on

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