Nedbank Student Loan


Nedbank Student Loan – Do you want to change your life but still struggle with finances? Nedbank understands the importance of getting a good tertiary education will impact your life greatly in the future. As the tuition fees increase almost each year in South Africa, with the economy still struggling, Nedbank is willing to potential students with finance for tuition fees, accommodations, text books and more. Get in touch with Nedbank and get a headstart in life with a good tertiary education.

Why Nedbank Student Loan?

Nedbank is here to help anyone passionate to further their academics with financial support. Nedbank Student Loan believe it is very significant that a student must focus more on their studies than keep stressing about their outstanding fees. Nedbank Student Loan comes with many benefits, you can apply for tuition fees, accommodation and study materials or books. You can apply for Nedbank Student Loan for short term or long term courses. It offers a competitive interest rate and flexible repayment terms. If a student complete their course or studies and still need to go through the community projects or internships, they will be granted a grace period until they find work.

Who can apply for the Nedbank Student Loan?

Anyone who qualified at any credible tertiary institution with a green bar-coded South African ID. Must provide a proof of residential address. Must have a surety/guarantor if the student is not working yet. The surety will need to provide proof of earnings monthly as well as a statement for expenditures, three months banking statement. And if your student loan is approved, you will need to have a transactional account with Nedbank. Most importantly, you must provide an invoice or statement of the outstanding balance owed to the tertiary institution, this will assure Nedbank that you are indeed registered to further your studies.

Nedbank Student Loan Contact Details

Find out more information on how you can apply for the Nedbank Student Loan and improve your life with better information by speaking to the professionals at Nedbank on 0860 555 111 or simply visit one of the Nedbank branches near you to get hands-on help. Alternative visit the Nedbank website on

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