OOBA Bond Affordability Calculator


Check the size of a home loan you could qualify for by using the OOBA Bond Affordability Calculator. The calculator will help find an ideal bond that best suit your budget. You can also use other calculators made available by OOBA to help determine other costs such as additional home loan repayment.

OOBA is financial services and credit provider in South Africa that helps people looking to purchase their dream home with the finances they need the most. Get pre-qualified for a home loan today by completing the contact me form online and one of their consultants will call you back.

Why use the OOBA Bond Affordability Calculator?

You can use the calculator for many various options such as bond repayment, bond and transfer costs, and so on. Applying for a bond requires careful considerations about one’s financial standings, many couples go on joint accounts for their bonds. The Bond Affordability Calculator helps you determine installment amounts for the term of your choice. It will indicate the the amount you qualify for in the most banks within a flexible interest rates. The calculator is very useful because at least one would know how much they will be applying for and how much is required to be paid back.

How to use OOBA Bond Affordability Calculator?

To use the bond calculator is very simple, just visit the Ooba calculator page on their website. Complete all the fields, firstly fill in your gross and net salary followed by total expenses. The calculator tool will determine your nett surplus income (the remaining balance after deductions). Choose years or terms of loan as well as the interest rate. When you are certain about the details in the form, simply click on the ‘Calculate’ button to check your affordability.

Who can use the Bond Affordability Calculator?

  • Earn R17 500  or more a month
  • Have a bank account into which your salary is deposited.
  • 18 years or older

OOBA Contact Details

Talk to Ooba consultant on (+27 21) 481 7300 for bond and insurance queries. You can also visit their website at www.ooba.co.za to read more detailed information about their products and services.

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