Ooba Home Loans


Ooba Home Loans are financial solutions for new home seekers brought to you by Ooba, Experts in home finance. Home loans are best suitable for people looking to purchase their dream homes. They have a list of trained and friendly consulants ready to assist you, whether you are a first-time buyer or own properties.

Why choose Ooba Home Loans?

Ooba offer customers the capability to apply for any value of property, whether is a new development or existing home. You will be presented with a couple of options to help you choose your ideal investments. Their consultant will be on your side through the process of your application. The application is completely transparent, meaning only the people involved in the process will be able to view your details.

Ooba Home Loans allows you to reduce the interest rates in your monthly repayments. Interest on a mortgage loan is calculated daily and compounded monthly on the outstanding balance.  Therefore, should you make additional repayments to your home loan over and above the minimum required installment, you will reduce the outstanding balance and reduce the interest you pay.

These loans can have a flexible repayment terms from as little as 15 years up to thirty (30) years. You can choose which ever one that suits your financial standings. Use ooba loan calculators to determine your monthly installments and other additional costs associated with your application such as transfer costs if it’s an existing home.

Who can apply for Ooba Home Loans?

To apply for home finance with any financial institution requires one to meet basic criteria. You will need to proved the following documents with you.

  • South African green bar-coded ID
  • Proof of residential address
  • Proof of monthly income in the form of payslip.
  • Provide at least three months banking statement
  • Sign offer to purchase contract (optional)

Ooba Contact Details

Contact Ooba on (+27 21) 481 7300 to speak to a consultant for more detailed information  on how you can apply for and benefit from home loans. You can also visit their website on www.ooba.co.za to use online contact forms and read more about their other services.


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