PEP Money Transfer


PEP Money Transfer – This is an innovative facility by multinational retail company PEP stores. This facility allows PEP clients to make money transfers within and outside South Africa. This transfers are quite easy to do and you can do the transfer at any one of the PEP stores nationwide. This is perfect when you want to send money to one of the friends or family member who does not have a bank account.

What You Need To Apply For PEP Money Transfer?

If you would like to use the PEP Money Transfer facility, you must confirm that you are a permanent South African citizen with a valid ID Book and above the age of 18 years. You will then need to provide your contact cellphone number to receive the notification of your transaction. Applying for PEP Money Transfer is as easy as ABC and you don’t have to wait hours immediately you get an SMS confirming about the success of the application.

How To Do Local Money Transfer Within A PEP Store

  1. Give the cashier the details of the person you sending money to and the amount you sending this will include a fee of R9.99 which will be the cost for the transaction to go successfully.
  2. You will thereafter receive 2 SMS’s on your cellphone which will include your withdrawal number and your access code.
  3. Send the receiver the 10 digit withdrawal number and the access code and the amount you sent to them.
  4. They can withdraw the funds at any PEP stores or even Absa ATM.

PEP Money Transfer Contact Details

For more information regarding the PEP Money Transfer, please contact customer care at 0860 737 000 or simply send them an inquiry on email address Alternatively go to any PEP stores near you found nationwide. Visit their website for more information.


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