Retsang Cash Loans


Retsang Cash Loans are affordable personal loans designed for people drowning in debts and looking for an extra hand with access to credit. Retsang Cash Loans CC is a registered financial services provider with the National Credit Regulator to provide reliable credit solutions to meet individual needs and expectations.

Why choose Retsang Cash Loans?

Retsang Cash Loans Cc offer personal loans at a market related interest rate within flexible terms and conditions. These loans are convenient for people looking for short term loan agreements which they can quickly pay back. All applications are subject affordability assessment to ensure responsible lending according to the National Credit Act. You will get a loan amount that you afford, using the information from the assessment, Retsang will design your application to meet your needs and budget.

The application process to these loans is very easy, simply give them a call to find out how to apply. A consultant will help complete your application by requesting supporting documents. They will tailor the loan amount and repayment terms to your financial needs. The institution is dedicated to helping people drowning in debt oceans find their feet quickly as possible.

You can use the money however you wish, Retsang Cash Loans CC will never restrict or control how you spend our cash. You can pay for your education fees, renovate your home, handle medical bills, consolidate old debts and so on.

Retsang Cash Loans Application Requirements

To qualify, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • You must be permanently employed for at least 6 months.
  • You must be on a monthly or weekly salary.
  • You should not be under debt review or administration
  • You should be a South African Citizen holding a green barcoded ID

Retsang Cash Loans Contact Details

Find out more information on how to apply for and benefit from Retsang Cash Loans Cc by calling them on 053 497 5857 to speak to their trained, professional consultants who are always ready to assist. The company is situated in Warrenton town, in the Northen Cape, if you are around, visit them on their address for a one-on-one interaction.

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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