RMB Home Loan


If you’re looking to buy a residential property and still not sure who to trust with a home loan? RMB Private Bank offers you a reliable and convenient credit solution which you can use to purchase any property. RMB Private Bank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited an Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider.

Why RMB Home Loan is right for you

Purchasing a property such as a home has become difficult these days due to some facts of verification with banks however you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience that RMB Private Bank offers. The bank will provide you with finance you need for any residential property. In the next section, are the features and benefits of taking a home loan with RMB Private Bank:

  • Our Flexi Option, a financial management facility giving you convenient access to additional funds in your Home Loan Account through Online Banking, 24 hours a day
  • A choice of variable or fixed interest rates, with the variable rate linked to Prime
  • Automatic linking to Online Banking, allowing you to manage and transfer funds into and out of your Home Loan Account at any time, provided you have an RMB Private Bank Cheque Account
  • Discounted attorney fees, RMB Private Bank will pay your switching costs (registration / attorney fees up to the original bond amount)
  • By paying additional funds into your home loan account, you’ll save interest. You’ll also have access to the surplus funds 24/7. For added convenience, additional payments can be made via Online, Cellphone and Telephone Banking or the RMB Private Bank App on your smart device

What do I need when applying for RMB Home Loan?

Applying for RMB Private Bank home loan is very quick and easy, you need to have the following valid documents in order to qualify. You must be 18 years or older and have your green South African ID/ valid passport/ work permit. You must be employed or earning regular income per month. Provide a proof of residence not older than three months and a three months bank statements if you are not a RMB Private Bank client. Having a good credit profile guarantees approval.

RMB Private Bank Contact Information

For any queries, compliments or information about the RMB products and services, please visit their website and fill out their online contact form and they will contact you back as soon as possible.


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