Send money abroad with FNB MoneyGram


As one of the leading innovative banks in South African financial sector, FNB offers all the capabilities to sending money worldwide with the MoneyGram. FNB MoneyGram is a safe, easy and fast way to send money to families and friends abroad, without them needing a banking account. You can send money from any FNB branch, ATM or via Cellphone Banking.

With MoneyGram from FNB, money can be collected by the recipient or beneficiary in their preferred currency of whichever country they are in. They will get an instant notification, just seconds of sending. The service is easily accessible, with hundreds of FNB ATMs nationwide and the online capabilities such as banking online and using the mobile app, makes it more faster to make transactions.

The facility is reliable, convenient and secured. FNB MoneyGram is available 24/7.

What you get with FNB MoneyGram

This is an easy and affordable, quick and convenient way to send or receive foreign currency and its speed and simplicity ensure a same-day transaction. All you need to send a MoneyGramâ„¢ is an FNB account – along with some money in it, of course!

  • Fast: Money is available for the beneficiary to collect within 10 minutes.
  • Simple: Simple process from sender to receiver.
  • Accessible: Encashment available at more than 350 000 MoneyGramâ„¢ outlet locations in 200 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Affordable: It is an affordable way to send money abroad.
  • Helpful: You can send a short message as part of the transaction.
  • Reliable: The sender can rest assured that the money will reach the destination.
  • Secure: Complies with international money transfer regulations.
  • Convenient: Available 24/7/365 via FNB ATMs and FNB Cellphone Banking.

What you need to use the FNB MoneyGram

  1. Must have an FNB account in order to send out money
  2. Must have the recipient or beneficiary’s registered full names
  3. Must know the country which you will be sending the money to

FNB MoneyGram Contact Information

Find out more detailed information on how to use the FNB MoneyGram by visiting their website on

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