Shoprite Educard


Shoprite Educard – Are you looking for a way to save in all your educational institution expenses? Shoprite had introduced a new way to save using shoprite Educard. Shoprite is a retail outlet which aims at giving its customers lower prices on all grocery and household products at all times.

Why choose Shoprite Educard?

Shoprite Educard offers ways to save on everyday educational expenses. Educard enables you to get 2.5% off discount on all your essential goods. You get to save on the following products; back-to-school stationary, school functions, clean products and much more. It is not a credit card, so you get up to 30 days to pay. You as a customer, you get your own personalized credit limit. As an Educard holder, you not only getting lower prices but you will be updated on promotional sales which will help you save on reduced costs.

What is needed when applying?

Applying for Educard is easy, you can download the application form, fill it and fax it to the Card Division at 021) 980 4741/43 or email it to You must have a South African green-barcoded ID document, proof of residence, bank statement not older than 3 months which is used to assess your credit status.

Shoprite contact details

Shoprite offers consumers direct contact with the company through their customer centre, Checkline, that can be reached by phoning the toll-free number (when using a landline) 0800 01 07 09 in South Africa. You can also email them on You can also visit their kiosks and talk to their cashiers/tellers.


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