Shoprite Money Transfer


Shoprite Money Transfer – Do you wish to send cash money to someone anywhere in South Africa but don’t have a banking account? Shoprite money market makes it easy for anyone to send and receive money. Whether it’s in South Africa or Lesotho, you will be happy to know that you don’t need a banking account to use the facility.

Why use the Shoprite Money Transfer?

Shoprite money market allows you the most easiest and convenient way of sending money to anyone in South Africa. Using the facility will allow you to send money up to R5 000 a day and R25 000 a month. The sender only needs to pay an extra R9,99 for the service fee of the facility. You don’t need to have an account with any bank or anything to use the Shoprite money transfer, you just need to have a cellphone, that’s it.

How does the Shoprite Money Transfer works?

Send Money

  • Go to any Shoprite Money Market counter or till point.
  • Take your ID, the money you want to send, plus R9,99 for the transfer.
  • The money can be sent to anyone and they can collect it immediately at any Shoprite store in SA.
  • After you’ve selected and entered a secret 4-digit PIN, you’ll be given a Money Market transfer number.
  • Make sure you only give these numbers to the person who will collect the money on the other side.

Collect/Receive Money

  • Go to any till or Money Market counter at your nearest Shoprite with your ID book.
  • Give the money transfer number to the cashier and enter your secret PIN.
  • You will get the money immediately.

Shoprite Money Transfer Contact Details

To find out more about how the Shoprite money transfer works, please visit any of their local stores and their consultants willl help you. Alternatively you can read more about Shoprite as a company and it’s services and products on website at

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