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Looking for loans for blacklisted people in South Africa? SMC Loans is a credible financial institution that provide a wide range of credit solutions for anyone. They have given thousands of South Africans the financial freedom they need the most. the institution have by all means practiced responsible lending by giving loans up to R180 000.

Why choose SMC Loans?

SMC Loans offer loans to anyone in South Africa, whether you have bad credit or been blacklisted, the institution is willing to take calculated risks by lending you personal cash loans. You can apply for loan amount up to R180 000 within competitive interest rates. You have the flexibility of paying back the loan within 48 months. There will be no consultation or anything like that needed, the institution believes in responsible lending while putting all their trust in you as a borrower.

Applying for SMC Loans is very easy, everything will be done online. It’s as easy as sending an email or fax and we do the rest! One of our consultants will handle your application with rapid and professional service and will have an outcome for you the same day of your application! No credit checks are done! No family members contacted!

You can use the money for anything you wish for, SMC Loans will restrict or control how you must spend the money. However hope you can spend it wisely making it easy for you to afford the repayment. You can pay for your education fees, renovate a home, buy yourself a motor vehicle, pay for medical bills and so on.

Who can apply for SMC Loans for blacklisted people in South Africa?

  • If you are 18 years or older,
  • permanently employed for 3 months minimum,
  • earning a minimum of R2,000 a month and are in the possession of a bank account and
  • SA green bar coded ID, then you will qualify for this loan.

SMC Loans Contact Details

Get more detailed information about how SMC Loans for blacklisted people works and how you can benefit by sending them an email directly at You can also visit their website at to read more and use online application forms.

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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