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SOS Pawn Brokers – When life throws those unexpected financial crisis, people mostly find themselves in need of quick cash which banks and other institutions are unable to help. Whether you have a bad credit history or blacklisted, it does not matter, if you believe you can afford theses cash loans, simply submit your asset as collateral.

What services do SOS Pawn Brokers offer?

The institution offer wide variety of benefits and features to help people access funds whenever they want to. You can easily apply for finance by contacting them directly or visiting them on their Louis Botha road in Johannesburg. Below are the key services offerings:

The provide you with a cash loan for the value of your asset. You will remain the owner of the valuable, it is just used as collateral against your loan application. The loan amount will depend on the value of your asset. You can pawn anything from motor vehicles, gold / diamond jewellery, laptops, cameras, TV’s, fine watches, to electrical appliances.

The company welcomes any valuable products. SOS Pawn Brokers will buy anything you wish to get rid of at the current market related prices. The purchase is done same day while you wait for the appraisal of the product.

SOS Pawn have a collection of good quality merchandise you can choose from. You can buy at reasonable and market related prices. Head over to their store and have a look yourself, might find just what you were looking for the whole time.

SOS Pawn Brokers Contact Details

Get in touch with SOS Pawn for detailed information about you can apply for finance by calling 011 786 1234 or 071 777 9999. Send them an email at and they will contact you back. Alternatively read more information on their website at

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