Spar Money Transfer


Spar Money Transfer – Send instant money to anyone with a working mobile phone anywhere in South Africa. The recipient don’t need to have a bank account in order to receive the cash, they just need to have registered cellphone number. These facility is brought to you Spar in partnership with Standard Bank. If you are a Standard Bank customer, you can access your instant money via internet banking. You can safely send cash money to relatives back home, children at Varsity or anyone who you’d like to send cash.

Why use Spar Money Transfer?

Spar money transfer allows people to send money every around South Africa without having a banking account. The facility is a person to person money transfer meaning there are no middle guys but must pay for the use of the service. You can send money up to R5 000 per day and R25 000 in a month. A transaction fee of R9.95 will be charged for each transaction, meaning if you want to send R4 500, you then need to bring along R4 509, 99 in order for the recipient to receive the intended R4 500. You can send cash at the counters in any Spar local store.

What do I need to use Spar Money Transfer?

Anyone with a green bar-coded South African ID or Smart ID can use the facility as long as they’re above the age of 18 years old. You also need to have a working and registered cellphone number of the recipient and your secret pin. The pin will be used to withdraw the money on the other side. Most importantly you need to have cash money since the service is a person to person money transfer.

Spar Contact Details

Get more detailed information on how the Spar money transfer works by visiting their website at and fill your details in their online forms and Spar will contact you back. You can also simply speak to their consultant by calling customer care on 0860 313 141. Alternatively visit one of Spar’s local stores to get more information and apply.

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