Standard Bank Student Loans


Standard Bank Student Loans – with the world full of opportunities, money should not be an obstacle between you and great future. Getting a loan with Standard Bank will give you a guaranteed peace of mind and help you as a student to give your studies full attention with a peace of mind. Standard Bank Student Loans allows you to pay only the interest during the period of your studies and settle the entire loan amount on completion of your studies. The great thing about Standard Bank Student Loans is that immediately after you complete your course, you will be given a grace period to find employment.

Why Standard Bank Student Loans?

Are you ready to make that first step, Standard Bank is here to give you all the financial supports during your academic years. They are committed to helping students focus more on their studies than outstanding balances, as such giving them a peace of mind. If you’re a full-time student, you will also get a transaction account that is affordable and best suits your needs and budget.

Your funds will not be accessible with your personal account or available for personal use, rather the loan amount for your tuition and accommodation will be paid directly to the tertiary institution which you will be studying with and place you will be staying while studying. Funds for books and other study materials will be available in your transactional account made available after the approval of your student loan. Standard Bank recommend you take the Personal Loan Protection Plan to help settle your loan in the event of death, dread disease or even permanent disability.

How to apply for Standard Bank Student Loans?

To apply and qualify for student loans, you must first of all be registered with a Standard Bank partnered, registered and accredited tertiary institution which you have planned to pursue your studies with. And in order for your application to be considered, you must provide your academic results of a certificate; a diploma; a degree; or a postgraduate degree or diploma. You must also provide an invoice or statement of outstanding fees from the tertiary institution. You need to provide your personal information such as a valid South African ID and proof of address. You can either apply using two methods, visit the Standard Bank Student Loans website and apply there or simply visit one of the Standard Bank branches to get hands-on help with the application.

If you will be studying for a diploma or degree, your next of keen or surety must be earning more than R3 000 per month. For other courses, your surety needs to earning more than R5 000 monthly. Part-time students earning more than R5 000 do not need a surety.

Standard Bank Student LoansĀ  Contact Details

Find out more detailed information on how to apply for Standard Bank Student Loans by calling their Customer Care Line on 0860 123 000. Many students tend to use the easiest and fastest way to apply with the online platform by visiting

NB: Visit our loan calculator page here


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